sokokoo is a first person puzzle where you're task is to push crates on the right spot.

WASD to move, Space to push crates, Esc for the menu

Note that the web version is a bit buggy, ~I am trying to fix this~ tried enough this is as better as it gets. The web version has some known bugs: non qwerty layout doesn't work, fullscreen can only be achieved with CTRL+ALT+Enter, you need to hit escape twice to enter the menu...

All the assets were created during the jam, and are done by me (except for the music, courtesy of the birds).
During the Jam I've used the following tools: Krita for the texture, Blender for modeling, Audacity with Jack to capture some birds chant and Emacs for code.

web version should be available here too:
sources can be found here


once you've complete the level you can poke around with the flycam mode (key Z) and the debug mode (key X)


Download 817 kB
sokokoo-ldj-22.0.tar.gz 1 MB


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Simple and short but it was nice, with UI and more lvls its gonna be alot of fun for someone that likes puzzle games /cheers

It was really a rush to get the movements right and being able to push crates came very late. I wished to make a bigger level, or more than one ... Thanks!